Ready for The Rain

Miss Pepper is the last addition to the herd and she, Dakota and little Leah (not in pic) get along beautifully and are like threes little Pages to Queen Casper who is a very firm, fair and magnanimous leader. We were surprised to find that all four of these rugged and hardy peeps wait in line to be blanketed the second the barometer drops, and all cozy up together, in…

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Cautious to curious to engaged and connected. What can we learn from Dr. Dakota

Know Thyself

  Dr. Dakota has learned not to let his anxieties stop his curiosity from opening the door to new and positive experiences.¬†Getting curious about your emotions is the first step towards understanding and accepting yourself. Emotions are just messages, and as such when you understand them, accept them and work through them, you can work through fear and anxiety more effectively. If your emotions prevent you from living the life…

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Dr.Traci and Dinamico

Experiencing an I-Thou Connection

Heart and Soul Connection. This is Dr. Traci having a very special moment with Andalusian Stallion Dinamico. Dinamico is father to Dr. Traci’s two year old colt Santana and she has a deep connection with him. Here she is sharing a breath, a space, experiencing precisely the kind of transformative experience that have lead her to adding equine psychology to her clinical practice.

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Lean on Me

Casper: A lesson in nurture

Casper has a lot to teach us about love and nurture. About getting over loss and having the courage and the heart to try again when life is bleak. Having the courage to be vulnerable, and care again. In December 2013 she lost her just born foal to a genetic disorder. At the same time a foal was born to friends whose mother passed away right after birth. It is…

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A very happy brain!

Watch Broody transform from unhappy to happy through gratitude and compassion! Thank you Dr. Sood for this explanation of how to chase fear and self-doubt from our brains.

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Following out of Desire

They have chosen to walk together

Look closely at Professor Dakota’s soft muzzle and relaxed lips, his tail streaming in the soft breeze. Look at the Girl’s pony tail swaying gently down her back and her quiet steps. Her focused expression as she goes forward. They are as much linked by the lead line as they are by an invisible cord of mindfulness and intention. They have chosen to walk together.

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